Anthony Peregrine of The Times put it very well, when he wrote: ”Don’t fight it. You know you want to go to Provence. You may feel duty-bound to consider somewhere less obvious, some distant island with a gingganggoolie spa that your dinner guests have never heard of. But you know damned well that it won’t have the depth and wealth of the French southeast. Think light, lavender, luxury and licentiousness.”
In short, think Provence. Whatever the season, Provence has something to offer: In summer, the heat, the shimmering sun, the sound of the crickets. In fall, the lingering heat, the colours, the ripening vines. In winter, the cool crispness of the air, the high blue sky and the bright daylight. In spring, the fresh green colour everywhere.

From Villa Cantarella you have ample opportunity to discover for yourself the wide variety of choices in Provence. The immediate surroundings offer a view of classic Provence: olives groves and vineyards. Go for a stroll in the forest or walk down to the nearby winery for a wine tasting.
The village of Les Arcs has a year round market day on Thursdays, but the number of stalls and the number of customers vary greatly throughout the year.
The medieval part of Les Arcs has the same charm all year round.